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10 Core Architecture Pattern Variations for Achieving Scalab

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Srinath Perera has put together a strong list of architecture patterns based on three meta patterns: distribution, caching, and asynchronous processing. He contends these three are the primal patterns and the following patterns are but different combinations:

  1. LB (Load Balancers) + Shared nothing Units . Units that do not share anything with each other fronted with a load balancer that routes incoming messages to a unit based on some criteria.
  2. LB + Stateless Nodes + Scalable Storage . Several stateless nodes talking to a scalable storage, and a load balancer distributes load among the nodes.
  3. Peer to Peer Architectures (Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Content Addressable Networks (CAN)) . Algorithm for scaling up logarithmically.
  4. Distributed Queues . Queue implementation (FIFO delivery) implemented as a network service.
  5. Publish/Subscribe Paradigm . Network publish subscribe brokers that route messages to each other.
  6. Gossip and Nature-inspired Architectures . Each node randomly pick and exchange information with follow nodes.
  7. Map Reduce/ Data flows . Scalable pattern to describe and execute Jobs.
  8. Tree of responsibility . Break the problem down recursively and assign to a tree, each parent node delegating work to children nodes.
  9. Stream processing . Process data streams, data that is keeps coming.
  10. Scalable Storages . Ranges from Databases, NoSQL storages, Service Registries, to File systems.

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